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I became a professional photographer in 1990,
when I was commissioned by the Gamma Press photo agency to go to Dushanbe (Tadjikistan) to shoot the ethnic conflict.

This shooting nearly became the last one in my
career. It was very dangerous over there, and I was a neophyte. I am very grateful to Alexandra Avakian from the Time Magazine for helping me, although she probably barely remembers it.

Moldova, May 1992
Battalion 'Dnestr', Moldova 1992
Ramzan Kadyrov, Mike Tyson and me, Gudermes, Chechnya 2005
Gudermes, Chechnya 2005

Ever since then, I have worked for many agencies and publishers, and during the next two years I found 7 ways to get to my destinations even if there were no tickets available.

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